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STL Trivia Night

October 6, 2012,at the Edward Jones Headquarters in Manchester, Missouri.

- More information to come.

Two families we are helping:

Michael McMillen was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic melanoma in January and has been doing fairly well the end of October.  On 10.23.2011 we learned that the cancer is progressing very aggressively–there’s a huge brain tumor and cancer throughout the rest of his body.  He is no longer working and his wife has had to temporarily quit her job to spend time with him and care for him.  Her husband is only 38, an Iraq war veteran, and a father of our 3 boys–ages 11, 9, and 7.

Chris Weber lost his life to melanoma at age 36. On January 12 of 2011, Chris went to his dermatologist to check a mole that had begun to change. Two days later, he was told that the mole was melanoma.  Chris had surgery on January 27 to remove the mole and affected lymph nodes.  Chris learned that his cancer was Stage III melanoma. During the months of February and March, Chris underwent four hard weeks of daily Interferon treatment, in hopes to knock out all signs of cancer.  A PET scan on June 9 showed the cancer had spread into his bones.  In July, A CT scan showed that Chris’ cancer had spread to his stomach, liver and in between his lungs, and a tumor was growing back in the same lymph node area that had been treated only a month before.  Chris began radiation to help shrink the tumor in his lower back, which had been causing severe pain, along with the newly-growing tumor in his lymph node area. In the early morning hours of Monday, August 15, Chris passed away while being embraced by his family. On Thursday, August 18, of this year, Chris Weber was laid to rest, surrounded by the family and friends who’d been praying so hard for him the previous seven months.   He was the father of three children under the age of seven, and had worked for P&A Drywall Supply for nearly 17 years.  We are trying to help their family with the burdensome medical bills that still exist and to help with other finances for the Weber family