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St. Louis Chapter – History

Hi! I am the founder and director of Miles Against Melanoma. This non-profit organization started in the summer of 2010 as a small organization where I felt this unbelievable need and passion to get skin cancer and melanoma awareness into the community. I have a full time job in marketing but work full force for this organization voluntarily. It is important to me for people to take care of their and their children’s skin and to be sun safe!

I had a mole removed from my back 2 years ago and after the way I have treated my freckled, fair skin my whole life, I was very surprised that after waiting an agonizing week, the mole came back benign. My father has had melanoma, my good friend from high school and now I am enmeshed in so many people’s lives that are suffering from, survived or have lost a dear angel to this underrated, underexposed illness.

I am so passionate about helping build community relationships and to spread the word that skin cancer is the leading cancer, with more cases than all the other types COMBINED. One person dies every 57 minutes of Melanoma. It is a seemingly underexposed disease that needs more awareness empowering people to honor people they love that are still with us or have left us already. The events are beautiful because these people are finding others in their communities that become fellow friends, advocates and supporters. We are allowing people to raise money for families of cancer victims who are struggling financially or to donate funds to melanoma research. I am still in shock that melanoma is the most underfunded type of cancer there is.



Event Info


Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsorship Form
Sponsorship Letter

How to Volunteer
Volunteer Waiver


Tastefully Simple manager is donating 20% of all sales
from today thru race day (June 7)


Adrienne Swanson
Team Manager #0119862 314-882-5075
“Like” my facebook page for recipes and sales: facebook.com/ASwansonTS


Fox 2 News – Feature

(KTVI)-As summer approaches, we spend more and more time outside in the sunshine. Many of us also think about protecting ourselves from the harsh effects of the sun, from sunburn to skin cancer. One in 50 Americans will develop melanoma in their lifetime. It is the fastest growing and second-most common of all cancers worldwide.

Miles Against Melanoma, based in St. Charles, Missouri, is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to fight melanoma skin cancer by increasing awareness, supporting patients and their families, and fundraising for research.

The 4th Annual Miles Against Melanoma Walk/5K Run will be held June 7, 2014, at the Chesterfield Amphitheater. Cost is $25.00 in advance and $30 the day of the race. All proceeds from the event benefit melanoma research.

Together, We CAN Make a Difference!

It was with great honor that on Monday, 02.24.2014, Miles Against Melanoma St. Louis was able to donate $16,000 our proceeds of our 2013 5K race from June 8, 2013 and our 2nd annual trivia night to Dr. Lynn Cornelius together with the other members of the Melanoma Multidisciplinary team at Siteman Cancer Center, Barnes- Jewish Hospital (BJC – The Richard A Crowder Memorial Research Fund) who has a robust clinical and research program in melanoma.

Read more now>>


Skin cancer accounts for nearly half of all cancers in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society. More people are expected to be diagnosed with skin cancer this year than lung cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer combined.

Yet, skin cancer hasn’t gotten much attention – until now. Read the entire press release here

Resources for St. Louis

The Kids Clubhouse is a free resource.  Please refer them to this amazing group who has helped so many children cope with the confusion and heartache of losing a loved one.
“Final dates are being determined but will start in September one evening a week for 8 weeks (I think we are moving from Wed to Tues but not sure) from 7-8:30 at Spencer Creek Library. Interested persons can call 314-721-1144 or check www.Kidsclubhouse.org for more information on our mission, our group and to see a great video. We will also have groups starting in Clayton in September. We take kids 4-18 who have lost a special loved one.”


Local Sponsors

Learn about the importance of window tinting.

SPF 75 Sponsorship Level

SPF 60 Sponsorship Level

SPF 50 Sponsorship Level


St. Louis Physical TherapyAssurance Protection

SPF 30 Sponsorship Level

Charlie's On MainBJC 4900 StaffRenaissance Plastic Surgery

All Paws Rescue
Well Woman Magazine

noodles and company

Hilton Frontenac

SPF 15 Sponsorship Level

Stroheide Chiropractic

New balance
St. Louis LionsTans are now safe
Tans are now safe

Creative Sponsorship Level

Whole Foods • Wahl Health & Wellness, LLC • The Walking Company – Chesterfield Mall
Excel Sports Performance and Personal Training • Graham’s Gifts


If you are shopping bravelets, please use this link. For every order, Miles Against Melanoma receives $10.

Contact Us

Miles Against Melanoma 5K
St. Charles, Missouri

Amalyn Martin, Director

Deanda Cronin, Co- Director

Email us if you wish to have a guest speaker at any area school or MOPS group.

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